Uploading images

Before you can insert an image, you must upload it to the image library. When you finish uploading using the process outlined here, click the related links for specific information about inserting the image on the landing page.

  1. Access the document manager.
  2. Click the page that you want to edit. If the page is not checked out by another user, the system checks it out, and it is ready for editing. If the page is checked out by another user, you are not permitted to check it out until it is checked in again.
  3. With the page open in Edit mode, click into the content area where you want to place the image. Clicking into the area where you want to place the image makes inserting the image there easier, but you can click into any content area to upload an image.
  4. Click the Insert/Edit Image button on the toolbar.
  5. Click Upload.
  6. Find the file that you want to upload and click it. The library file browser refreshes, and the file is uploaded. You can insert the image now or save the content changes and check in the document.