Blocking a document from publication

You can prevent the premature deployment of documents to live sites by blocking individual documents from publication. You can unblock blocked documents before you publish them. This is especially useful when multiple users are creating and updating content on a site and when it is preferable that multiple documents are deployed simultaneously, such as during open enrollment.

Documents can be blocked at two levels:

  • Organizational level: No documents can be published to a live site.
  • Document level: One or more documents cannot be published to a live site, but other documents can be published.

When publishing is blocked, a record of who blocked the documents and why they were blocked is stored in the system. This information is shown on the screen and in audit trail reports.

Users who attempt to publish documents that have been blocked see messaging with information about the level at which the blocking has been implemented.

  1. With the document checked out and in Edit mode, select Tools > Details.
  2. Specify this information:
    Block to Live
    Select this check box.
    Block to Live Reason
    The reason why the document is blocked.
  3. Click Update.