Adding a user

Most users are added automatically when the site is created. Administrators with access can manually add user accounts and provide new users with their UserIDs and initial passwords.

  1. Select Knowledgebase > Administration > Knowledgebase Admin.
  2. Click Users.
  3. Click Add New.
  4. Specify this information:
    User ID
    Specify the unique ID for the user.
    Specify the initial password the user uses to log in. The user can change this password at first login.
    Specify the user's email address if applicable. If users are expected to update their passwords, then they should specify email addresses.
    Level Number
    Specify the general permissions settings that determine access to content and administrator tools. Use 0-Employee for all non HR-Admin users.
    Client Content Toolset Access
    Specify the role of the user in terms of creating and editing content on the portal. See About roles for content tools access
  5. You can specify information or change the settings in the remaining optional sections, but this step is not required.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Provide the login page URL, UserID and Password to the user. The user uses the login information to log into the site.