Organizing report data by group

In some reports, data can be organized and viewed by group. This saves you from running a report separately for each individual group for which you want to see data.

To organize data by group, you must first use the group filter. When data has been filtered by group, the controls used to organize that data by group are activated.

When the report is opened, it displays all data in the system without group filtering.

When the group filter is applied, the report shows data only for the selected groups. Depending on your site's configuration, some groups can not be available in the group filter list, so even if you filter by all groups, the report can not show all data in the system. To show all data in the system, clear the group filters.

When a user is a member of more than one selected group, data pertaining to the user is displayed in each group of which the user is a member. For example, user jsmith is a member of groups A and B. When the report is filtered for groups A and B, data associated with jsmith are shown in the report section that shows data for group A and in the report section that shows data for group B.

  1. Select a report to filter. The filtering by group option is not available for all reports.
  2. Select By Group to organize data by group. to combine data associated with all selected groups into a single section, select All.