Workflows are used to create, edit and approve page content step by step when multiple CCT users participate in the process. Your organization can implement one or more workflows that authors and administrators can use to route a document through a process before publishing. In each workflow, you can assign CCT users a role, such as edit, review, or approve. Then you can choose a workflow to apply to a Knowledgebase document. This is useful when your authors, editors and approvers work in teams to ready documents for publication.
Note: All workflow participants require a CCT account so that they can access the content management tools.

A workflow is made up of multiple stages, or steps. Each stage is assigned to a specific person in your organization, referred to as a workflow recipient. Each workflow recipient is assigned a task and the permissions that are required for performing the task. That person who is responsible for processing the initial stage checks the Workflow Inbox widget on the Home page for assigned workflows. The widget contains a link to the document. After the person opens the document and performs the assigned tasks, the document is sent to the next stage. The recipient of the next stage sees information about the workflow stage on the Workflow Inbox widget. This continues until the workflow is complete. Often the final stage of a workflow involves approval.

When a document is sent to workflow, users cannot check it out of the Knowledgebase for editing.

You can use Workflow to perform these functions:

Function Description
Create a workflow Initiate a workflow, routing the document to other users for editing or approvals. You can create a workflow from scratch or you can create a workflow by modifying a workflow that is in the system.
Open a workflow Open a workflowed document. This option is available if a document in workflow is at a workflow stage assigned to the logged in user. Typically, a user accesses a workflowed document from the Client Content Toolset Workflow Inbox widget. This option offers another method to access a workflowed document. If the option is not available, no workflow tasks have been assigned to the logged in user.
Monitor workflows Use the workflow report to view all workflows that are relevant to the document you are viewing. If the document is in workflow, the user who created the workflow can cancel it from the Workflow Report.
Cancel a workflow Cancel a workflow that is in progress or that has not yet been started.
Create a workflow notification Add email notifications that are sent workflow recipients' email inboxes.