Exporting a report in multiple files

If the number of records in a report exceeds the maximum allowed for a single export, indicated at the lower right-hand corner of the report, then you can export the report in multiple files.

  1. Select Admin > Analytics.
  2. Select a report and, if necessary, apply filters.
  3. Click the Export button.
  4. In the Export To list, select a format option.
  5. Select the block size. This is the number of records in the export file.
  6. Click Manual. The Download menu is displayed, showing the number of records that will be downloaded.
  7. Click the Download button.
  8. Click Open to open the file or Save to save the file to your system.
  9. On the Download menu, click Next to export the next batch of records.
  10. Repeat the process until all records are exported.