Processing a workflow stage

Workflow recipients can view and access the workflow stages that are assigned to them by checking the Workflow Inbox widget on the Home page. Workflow stages that are shown in the widget are filtered by user, so workflow stages are visible only to the users to which they are assigned.

Workflow recipients can access the workflows from the widget, perform the required tasks, and forward the document to the next stage of the workflow:

Button Description
Details Shows the description of the workflow, including name, originator, start and end dates for the workflow and the workflow stage.
Attachments Attach files to the workflow and view files other workflow users have attached. If one or more files have been attached, the number of files is shown in parentheses. When you click the button, the attached files are shown in the Attachment List panel.
Edit Open the document in Edit mode, where you can edit the content and save your changes.
Review Open the document in View mode. Reviewers cannot edit documents.
Preview View the document as it will look when published. Compare the current version to previous drafts. Show the changes audit and comments. Export to Microsoft Word.
  1. On the Workflow Inbox widget on the Home page, click the workflow that you want to access. The Document Workflow is shown.
  2. Click the button that corresponds to the tasks that you are expected to perform.
  3. Click Preview.
  4. Click Forward, Return, or Finish. The workflow is forwarded to the next recipient, returned to the previous recipient, or completed. When the workflow is complete, and the document is ready to be published.