Adding a Lookup Term from the search history

Administrators can create Lookup Terms from the search history. First they run a report that shows all of the search terms that users have input into the application. The report shows the number of results that were generated from the search term and the frequency with which the search term was used. Administrators can then select one or more search terms and add them to the Lookup Term library. After search terms have been added to the Lookup Term library, See Also terms can be assigned to them. See Adding See Also terms.

  1. Select Knowledgebase > Administration > Knowledgebase Admin.
  2. Select Search & Nav > Lookup Add From History. The Lookup terms that are in the system are listed.
  3. Use the search fields to specify the start and end dates for search terms that you want to include in the results. You can use the Search Phrase field to specify an exact phrase or term that a user searched.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Select one or more search phrases and click Save.