Configuring widget layout on the Home page

When the application is originally implemented, the Infor administrator configures the initial settings for the arrangement of widgets on the Home page. Once users log in, they can customize the layouts of their own instances of the Home page. Each user can then arrange unpinned widgets on the page, hide unpinned widgets, and add widgets that are hidden.

At the client's request, the Infor administrator can arrange unpinned widgets on the Home page after the site has been implemented. The new Home page configuration is available only to users who have not previously logged into the application. Users who have previously logged into the application maintain their Home page settings.

To configure the widget layout, the client admin logs into the portal with a special account, the sole purpose of which is to configure the widget layout on the Home page.

The Home page settings depend on the configuration of individual widgets:

  • If a widget is pinned, its place on the Home page is retained until the client admin or content editor changes it. A user cannot move it.
  • If a widget is not pinned, a user can drag and drop the widget to another location on the Home page or remove the widget from the page., The user can add hidden widgets to the page.
  • When a client admin uses the special account to configure widget layout, the layout applies only to new users who have not yet accessed the Home page. Users who have logged in to the system previously view the Home page as they have configured it.

Only the WidgetConfig User Account can configure widget layout. No other functions should be performed with this account.

Note: These instructions assume that Infor has set widget properties in the AnswerTools toolset.
  1. Select Knowledgebase > Administration > Knowledgebase Admin.
  2. Click Users.
  3. In the Users menu, search for the WidgetConfig user ID.
  4. Select Properties > Password and change the password for the WidgetConfig user ID.
  5. Log out of the system.
  6. Log into the system using the WidgetConfig account and password.
  7. On the Knowledgebase home page, click the main menu and select Set Up Home Page.
  8. In the Display on Home Page column, select the widgets that you want to be active and shown on the Home page.
  9. Click Update.
  10. Click Home to return to the Home page.
  11. Drag and drop widgets to the Home page and arrange as necessary.
  12. Log out.