Adding search sources

A search source is a public domain that is searchable from your portal. The default source is the portal. Search sources can be made available to one or more user groups. In this way, administrators can enable certain groups to have access to search sources.

  1. Select Knowledgebase > Administration > Knowledgebase Admin.
  2. Select Search & Nav > Search Sources.
  3. Click Add New.
  4. Specify this information:
    Source Id
    The name of the search engine or engines that are used, such as AnswerSource and Bing.
    Display Label
    The text that is displayed on the site.
    The URL of the search source outside of the portal.
    The means by which query string parameters are passed to search sources, based on their defined APIs. If you are configuring KB Search as a search source, use either GET or POST.
    Search Parameter
    For third-party searches only. The value that is defined by the search source and is used to return results. You must look up the parameter.
    Additional Parameters
    Used only with third-party search sources, additional parameters are appended to the search parameter to pass other values, such as query string to display 20 results on page. Based on respective source calls, these values are passed as an additional parameter from the Infor side.
    XSLT Stylesheet

    Used only with Open Search RSS and Open Search ATOM methods. As an example, rendering results from a Britannica search source can use additional XSLT to convert results into HTML format and display them on the portal UI. For Open Search RSS method the value for this field is /ASI/Stylesheets/Search/OSRSSV10.xsl For Open Search ATOM method the value for this field is: /ASI/Stylesheets/Search/ OSATOMV10.xsl

    The text that is displayed as a tooltip when the user mouses over the field.
    Search Service
    Used for Microsoft SharePoint searches. Leave blank.
    The placement of the source in the list of all search sources. Each source must be assigned a unique rank.
    Search ID Enabled
    Indicates that the search source is active or not active for the organization.
  5. Click Save. Now you must assign the search source to groups.