Chatting with employees

An agent is made aware of a chat request by the Chat Alert menu. This menu opens when an employee initiates a chat and the agent is available to chat.

When an agent accepts a chat, chat tools open:

Tool Description
Chat Dialogue The chat dialogue shows the conversation in which the agent is engaged. It is shown in My Workspace with the cases that the agent is viewing. Additional features are displayed in the dialogue:
  • End: Click to end the current chat.
  • Log: If the employee initiated chat from Ask HR and the agent has multiple cases shown in the workspace, then the Log button is shown. Use log to attach the chat to any case that is shown in the workspace, including the new case that is associated with the chat. With this feature, an agent can attach the chat to a case that was created before the chat was initiated.
Chat Availability

Chat Availability shows all current chats in which the agent is engaged. Agents can make themselves available to chat with employees in service groups of which they are authorized to chat. If chat sound is enabled, then agents can select a sound that is played when multiple chat windows are open and a new message is received.

If chat wrap up time is enabled, then these features are shown:
  • time remaining before the agent is available to chat
  • a Reset button that resets wrap up time to 0 and makes the agent available to chat
Current Chats Current Chats shows the chats in which agent is engaged as links. The agent can click a link to open a chat. If multiple windows are open, the agent can click a link to bring the chat to the front. Cases are reopened in My Workspace.
Case Form The case form shows the details of the case that was initiated by the chat. Agents can perform tasks related to the case while they are engaged in a dialogue with the employee.
  1. When a chat alert is activated, click Accept to accept the chat or click Reject to reject the chat.
  2. If you accept the chat then use the chat tools to communicate with the employee.