Sending an email from the case form

If ad hoc emails are part of your configuration, then you can send an email from the case form. Emails that are sent from cases and their replies are logged in the Email History.

  1. In the case form, click Send Email or select the link to the employee's email address.
  2. Specify this information:
    If templates have been configured, then you can select a template that contains generic information. Depending on template configuration, you can edit the subject and message. Depending on the configuration of your user role, you can access the template editor, where you can add, modify or delete templates.
    Add Employee
    Opens an employee lookup form that you can use to look up employees and add them to the To or CC fields.
    From Name
    This field is pre-populated with the default mailbox From name. If the mailbox was configured to have only one name, then this is a text field. If the mailbox was configured to have more than one name, then this is a menu from which you can select a name.
    Reply To
    If the mailbox has a different reply configured, then it is shown here. Otherwise, a hyphen indicates that the reply is sent to the same address that it was sent from.
    This field is pre-populated with the employee's email address. To change, type an email address or use the Add Employee form to look up and add a different employee.
    Specify an email address or look up and add an email address from the Add Employee form.
    The subject is used by the system to match the case to the recipient's reply. The best practice is to add instructions to your message. These should direct the recipient to retain the case number in square brackets in the subject line when replying.
    If you select Yes, then an exclamation point icon is added to the email in Microsoft Outlook. This indicates the email is urgent.
  3. Add or modify the email message.
  4. Click Send.