Creating multiple cases simultaneously with bulk case creation

You can create these types of bulk cases
  • standalone cases
  • children of a parent case with parent-child and sibling relationships
When you create bulk standalone cases, you create the case in the case form. That case is duplicated for each employee that you choose. When you create bulk child cases, you assign the bulk cases to a parent case.

To verify that bulk cases have been created, use the Bulk Cases Log. See Analytics and reports.

  1. Click Agent Queue.
  2. Select More > Bulk Case Creation.
  3. You can create cases for multiple employees or for entire groups of employees. To add employees, select Add Employee > Search Employee, specify an employee, and click Add. To import groups, select Add Employee > Import Group(s), specify a group, and click Add. The individual employees and employees from groups that you imported are added to the list.
  4. Select the employees for whom you want to create a case. You can proceed only if the selected employees are members of the same population. If necessary, use the population filter to apply one population at a time.
  5. To create standalone bulk cases, select Create Cases > Stand Alone. Complete the case form and click Submit. See The case form and Case form fields. To create child bulk cases, select Create Cases > As Children. Specify information in the Create Cases As Children form, including the parent case, and click OK. SeeAdding a child to a case