Bulk case creation

Service center users can create multiple cases simultaneously for multiple employees who are members of the same population. Service center users can create bulk cases for multiple employees. Depending on the configuration, they can import groups of employees and create cases for them. Service center users use the Task menu to select employees for whom bulk cases are created. The feature can be used to create standalone cases or child cases of a parent case.

Permissions for bulk case creation can be granted to agents and service manager roles. Service center users who have permissions for bulk case creation access the feature from their respective queues.

If bulk case creation is enabled, then bulk case creation success and failure notifications should be configured for all populations.

Bulk cases are shown in analytics and reports like other cases. The Bulk Cases Log is a report that shows data that is related to cases that were created as bulk cases. This report is for service center user roles that have permission to create bulk cases. Access to this report should be granted to the same roles that have access to bulk case creation. This way, the service center users who create bulk cases can cross-reference batches of bulk cases.