Closing a case

When a case is resolved, you can close it. When a case is closed, its status in the system and in all reports changes from open to closed.

When you close a case, you add information about the resolution. If a note has been added to the case and was designated a resolution, then the content of the note populates the resolution. The content can be edited. See Adding a note to a case. If resolution templates have been configured for the population, then you can select a template. Templates populate the resolution with predetermined information. If your role has permission to create and edit resolution templates, then you can perform these functions:
  • access the template editor
  • create a template
  • apply the template from the case
See Creating resolution templates from the case form.

You can trigger an email notification to the employee that indicates the case was closed. If the survey is not enabled, then the case closed notification is sent. If surveys are enabled, then the notification that is sent to the employee is determined by configuration settings.


When you close a case with an enabled survey, the survey notification is sent to the employee. The frequency with which the survey notification is sent is determined by the service center configuration. For example, the notifications can be sent by the system every 30 days to remind the employee to take the survey. After the employee takes the survey, the notifications cease.

When the source is email channel and notifications are configured to be suppressed, then neither notification is sent.

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  1. Click Close Case if the button is available. Click Close Case > Close. If the case is unassigned and you are a member of the service group, then you can assign the case to yourself and close it. Click Close Case > Assign and Close.
  2. Specify this information. Some fields might not be available to all populations.
    If resolution templates are configured, then select the template that you want to use. Text from the template populates the Resolution field. You can edit or add to this text. Users with permission to add resolution templates, can click Template Editor to create a new template. See Creating resolution templates from the case form.
    You can provide additional information about the case's resolution. If closed case substatuses are configured, then you can select an option.
    Resolved By First Contact
    Select Yes if the case was resolved at first contact. Select No if the case required additional contact.
    If you use a resolution template, this field is populated with text from the template. You can modify this text. If you did not use a resolution template, then enter a description of the resolution..
    Send Email To Employee
    Select Yes to send a notification to the employee to indicate the case was closed. The configured notification is sent by the system. If the case is not shown to the employee, then this field is disabled.
  3. Click Close Case.