Creating resolution templates from the case form

Service centers can be configured with templates that agents use when closing cases with common resolutions. This practice standardizes resolutions and saves agents time. When the client has configured resolution templates, the templates are available to agents in the case form. An agent who is closing a case can select a template from a menu to prefill the form with the template content. The agent can edit the content before closing the case.

Templates are typically created by administrators using the administrator tools. If you have permission to create resolution templates, then you can create a template from the case form and assign it to the case. The template remains in the template library for agents to use when they close cases.

Note: The resolution template function must be enabled so the templates that you add are active in the system. This task must be completed by an administrator.
  1. From the case, click Close Case.
  2. Click Template Editor . You can click on any of the templates to view them.
  3. To add a resolution template, click Add and specify this information:
    A database item. This value does not display to end users.
    Specify the value that is available in the Resolution Template list on the case form.
    Type the resolution message.
    Type the number that corresponds to the item’s order in the list. Changes to the order are shown when you refresh the list.
    Select the locale. The locale includes language and country.
  4. Click Add.
  5. When you have finished adding templates, close the window. Now you can add the template to the case.