Self-service employee tasks and tools

This section describes the methods by which employees, managers and field representatives can use Infor HR Knowledgebase to generate cases in Case Management. An understanding of these features can help agents and managers. Other information offers instruction for agents and managers who process cases that are created in the knowledgebase.

Portal users can create cases with self-service features that are available directly from their Knowledgebase portal, without having to access the Case Management application. These users include employees who have questions, managers who have questions about their direct reports, and field representatives serving employees.

Employees use Ask HR to create cases on their own behalf.

Managers use Ask HR For Managers to create cases that pertain to their direct reports.

Field representatives use Ask HR For HR to create cases regarding employees in the service groups that they serve.

In addition to creating new cases, these users can view cases to which they have access, view notes and attachments, and complete satisfaction surveys.