Infor HR Knowledgebase integration

If Knowledgebase is configured for the employee’s population, then agents can view the Knowledgebase through Case Management in two ways:

  • Standard view shows everything that you have access to according to your own permissions. This is useful when you want to research an issue on behalf of an employee.
  • Emulation view shows everything that the employee has access to according to the employee’s permissions. This is useful when you want to view the Knowledgebase as the employee views it.
Note: If Ask HR for Managers and Ask HR for HR are implemented, then the managers and field representatives have these same abilities.

The employee has to have logged in to Knowledgebase at least once before Emulation view is functional.

With either view, the logged-in user can copy text or page links from the Knowledgebase attachments to a new or existing case.

With emulation, an agent or other service center user can access the same pages of the Knowledgebase as the employee. Specifically, the groups to which the service center user belongs are replaced with the groups to which the emulated user belongs. So the service center user has access to the same Knowledgebase pages as the emulated user. Any system-inherent service center roles---ServiceAdmin, ServiceMgr, ServiceRep, CMsetup--- are not removed or applied.