Reopening a case

If reopening rights are configured for the employee's population, then you can reopen a closed case. The number of days during which a case can be reopened after it was closed might be specified. If the reopen period has expired, then the reopen feature is not available.

Archived cases cannot be reopened.

If you are an agent or manager of the service group, then you have these options:
  • you can assign the reopened case to yourself
  • you can make the case available to anyone in the service group
If you are not a ServiceRep or ServiceMgr of the service group, then the case is available to anyone in the service group.
  1. If you are an agent, click Agent Queue. If you are a manager, click Manager Queue.
  2. Use the Status filter to display only closed cases.
  3. Click the case number.
  4. To reopen the case, click Reopen Case > Reopen. To reopen the case and assign it to yourself, click Reopen Case > Assign and Reopen.
  5. Specify this information. Some fields can not be available to all populations.
    You can provide additional information about the case's resolution. If closed case substatuses are configured, then you can select an option.
    Enter a description of the reason the case was reopened. The text you enter is saved as a case note.
    Show To Employee
    Select Yes to send make the case available to the employee for viewing. This field is available only when the employee has permission to view the case.
  6. Click Submit.