An employee who uses Ask HR, Ask HR For Managers and Ask HR For HR to create a case can chat with an agent. Employees are not required to submit cases before initiating a chat from the full-module view of Ask HR. When using the popup view of Ask HR, an employee must submit a case before the employee can initiate a chat. For Chat to function, the Chat Channel must meet these criteria:
  • chat must be enabled at the application level
  • chat must be enabled for the service group to which the case is routed.

If the employee accepts the offer to chat, then the system checks for an available agent.

An agent can be configured to manage concurrent chats, one case per employee.

To be designated as available, the agent must meet these criteria:

  • The agent must be available to chat to employees in the employee's service group.
  • The agent must not be at the concurrent maximum limit for chats.

If at least one agent meets the criteria, then the employee sees the chat form load.

When an agent accepts a chat, that agent is assigned to the case.

The chat wrap up timer is used to make agents who finish a chat session temporarily unavailable for chat. See Ending a chat and Adding time to the chat wrap up timer.