Infor Case Management is an application that organizations use to serve their employees' human resources needs. It is a service center, staffed by service representatives, or agents, who can be organized into service groups that serve specific employee populations. Case Management can be linked to your Infor HR Knowledgebase so that employees and the agents who help them can easily exchange important information as they resolve employee issues.

Employees can search the knowledgebase for solutions to their HR issues. Those who require further assistance can contact the service center by phone, chat, email, and the Ask HR button on their knowledgebase.

Service center users manage cases that describe employee issues.. Cases can include attachments, notes, and links to relevant areas of the knowledgebase. Based on the population the employee belongs to and the topic, a case can be created and routed to the service group whose agents are best equipped to resolve the issue.

Service center users use dashboards, lists of cases (called queues), and reports to manage cases that are assigned to their service groups. An agent can view a list of cases that have not yet been assigned, open a case and either take ownership of it or assign it to another service group.

Each interaction is recorded in the system. Service center administrators and managers can use the rich analytics features, that include dashboards and detailed reports, to monitor the performance of service agents, service groups, and the entire service center in a comprehensive suite of measurable data points.

Service Center user roles and their associated tasks:

Self-Service Employee
  • Creates and views cases through the AskHR modules in Infor HR Knowledgebase
  • Closes and reopens cases

Agent and Service Manager

  • Creates and processes cases
  • Closes and reopens cases
  • Tracks cases through dashboards and reports
  • Uses the directory and the profile
  • Uses the chat queue and chat monitor

Service Administrator

  • Monitors performance with the Admin Dashboard and reports
  • Archives cases
  • Uses the directory and the profile
  • Uses the chat monitor