Viewing cases within Ask HR for HR

As a manager, you can view reports that show cases that you created:

  • Employee Cases: Shows all active and archived cases that other field representatives created regarding employees whom you are eligible to serve
  • My Own Cases: Shows all active and archived cases that you created for yourself through Ask HR or were created on your behalf through the service center

You can choose to view active cases only, archived cases only, or active and archived cases together. The default view shows active cases only.

Field representatives can close and reopen a case if allowed by configuration. Cases that have been archived cannot be reopened.

  1. In Ask HR for HR, select View > Submitted Cases.
  2. Select either the My Own Cases tab or the Employee Cases tab. Or you can select the case count link corresponding with the employee in My Directory.
  3. Click the case number. If the case status is Open, then you can add notes and attachments to communicate with the agent working on the case. If the case status is Closed, tehn you cannot add notes or attachments.