Infor Case Management is an application that organizations use to serve their employees' human resources needs. It is a service center, staffed by service representatives, or agents, who can be organized into service groups that serve specific employee populations. An agent who initially takes a call can create a case and route it to a qualified service agent who is designated to serve a specific population or resolve cases of a specific subject.

Without the telephony feature, the process by which an agent accesses a caller’s cases involves the agent manually searching for the caller by name or userid in the employee directory and verifying the caller's identity. The agent can then retrieve the caller’s current cases or create a new case. The agent can then either process the case or rout it to a qualified agent.

Telephony integration is an option that atuomates case routing and enables one-touch caller lookup. When the phone switch has been configured to use rules to assign agents to cases, with telephony integration the call is automatically routed to a qualified agent. The qualified agent who receives the case can click the Get Caller button in the employee directory to retrieve the caller's current cases.

The telephony integration introduces an interface between the customer’s phone system and the Case Management application. Once the caller enters the ID, automated processes route the call to the agent and make the caller’s cases readily accessible:

  1. The caller connects to the phone switch and enters the User ID.
  2. The call is routed to an agent.
  3. The agent's User ID and the URL that contains the caller's User ID are sent to the application.
  4. The agent clicks the Get Caller button to retrieve the data.
  5. The caller's profile and case history are accessible to the agent.