Adding and configuring contact relationships

When a person submits a case on behalf of another person, a contact relationship can be used to specify the relationship of the person who submits a case to the person whom the case is about. For example, when an employee's spouse calls the service center with a question about family benefits, the agent can document the contact person's name and relationship to the employee in the Employee Information area of the case. The system offers a list of relationships from which to choose. Setup administrators can modify standard relationship types. If multiple case relationships are configured, then the case relationship with the lowest value in the Order field is the default case relationship.

  1. Login as CM setup administrator.
  2. Select Administration > Case Management Admin.
  3. Click Configurable Lists.
  4. Click Contact Relationships.
  5. To configure a contact relationship, click the contact relationship and modify the information in the fields.
  6. To add a contact relationship, click Add Contact Relationship and specify this information:
    This value does not display to end users. If your system is set up for multiple languages, then the best practice is to use an English word here and then use that same English word as the code for each translation.
    Type the name of the contact relationship. The name is available in the Contact Relationship list on the case form.
    Type the number that corresponds to the item’s order in the list. Changes to the order are shown when you refresh the list.
    Select the locale. The locale includes language and country.
    Set the visibility of the value in the list. Select No to show the value or Yes to hide the value.
  7. Click Add or Update.