Adding and configuring subcategories

Note: The Where Used report provides information on the related use of subcategories in quick cases and case creation email channels. This information makes it easier for you to discern the effects of renaming or retiring a subcategory. The Where Used report is available as a tab in the routing manager when you view a topic, category or subcategory.
  1. Log in as CMsetup administrator.
  2. Select Administration > Case Management Admin.
  3. Click Routing Manager.
  4. Select a population.
  5. Click Subcategories.
  6. Click Add Subcategory or select a subcategory.
  7. Specify this information:
    The topic to which the category is assigned.
    The name of the category to which the subcategory is assigned.
    The name of the subcategory.
    SLA Hour(s)
    The number of business day hours between the time a case is created and the time it is due, including the created date. (For example, 16 hours translates to two eight-hour days.) If set, this values supersedes the topic-level SLA to calculate the SLA date on the case.
    SOP Name
    Standard Operating Procedure (SOP): When a SOP is associated with a subcategory, a button is displayed next to the subcategory in the case form. A service center user who is creating the case form or viewing it later can click the button to access the SOP in a new window. To use a SOP that has been added to the system, select the SOP from the list. The name of the corresponding web page is displayed in the URL field. To create a new SOP, click the Add New button and complete the form. SOPs that are added here are also added to the system's master list.
    This is the URL to the web page that is associated with the SOP.
    Select From Case
    Select yes to make the subcategory available on the Case form. Select no to make it unavailable.
  8. Click Save or Update.