Adding and configuring priority levels

You can configure the names of the priority levels that are assigned to cases. The priority level is set on the case form. The priority level appears on reports and is a search criterion in the queues.

The high, medium and low codes are required by the system and cannot be deleted, though you can change the names of the levels. Regardless of the names, the high priority value is indicated in queues and reports by a red flag icon. Other values are represented as text.

  1. Login as CM setup administrator.
  2. Select Administration > Case Management Admin.
  3. Click Configurable Lists.
  4. Click Priority Levels.
  5. To configure a priority level, click the priority level and modify the information in the fields.
  6. To add a priority level, click Add Priority Level and specify this information:
    This value does not display to end users. If your system is set up for multiple languages, then the best practice is to use an English word here and then use that same English word as the code for each translation.
    The value that is displayed everywhere that the priority level is shown.
    Type the number that corresponds to the item’s order in the list. Changes to the order are shown when you refresh the list.
    Select the locale. The locale includes language and country.
    Set the visibility of the value in the list. Select No to show the value or Yes to hide the value.
  7. Click Add or Update.