Editing ad hoc email settings

  1. Log in as CMsetup administrator.
  2. Select Administration > Case Management Admin.
  3. Click Email Channels.
  4. Click Adhoc Email.
  5. Specify this information:
    Enable Send/Reply Emails
    Set to Yes only when Email Channel integration has been fully configured. Work with your Infor project manager or account manager to obtain additional documentation to set up this integration
    Accept Emails for Closed Cases
    Set to Yes if you want the system to accept inbound emails even if the case has been closed; otherwise, these emails are rejected, and the admin email address recipient(s) receive the case closed error handling notification. If the email is configured to carbon copy the sender, the sender is carbon copied.
    Admin Email Address
    The email address of the administrative personnel whom you want to receive error notifications and handle email channel issues. This can be a group mailbox address or one or more individual addresses.
    From Email Address
    The email address that you want the error notifications to be from. For example, CM_EmailChannel_Issues@acme.com.
    From Name
    The name that you want the error notifications to be from. For example, CM Email Channel Issue or set the same as the From Email Address.
    Purge data older than
    The interval by which processed original email data (successful and unsuccessful) are purged from the system database. The purge task deletes the processed original email data that is older than the selected interval.
    Email Template Rights
    Set to Yes the roles that have permission to add, edit, and delete email templates. The Email Templates button on the Send Email form is displayed only for users who have been granted access.
    Select from Case
    Select this option to enable service center users permission to attach files from their PCs to ad hoc emails. This attachment type is in addition to the files that can be attached from the case. When this feature is enabled, a service center user who creates an ad hoc email can upload files and attach these files, along with any files that are attached to the case, to the ad hoc email.