Configuring quick cases

A quick case is a case form that displays some pre-populated fields based on frequent issues. Its purpose is to save time completing a case form and to maintain consistency in how they are completed.

If quick cases have been configured for the population selected on the case form, self-service employees and service users can choose a quick case from the Quick Case menu list. When a quick case is used, some fields are pre-populated with common default settings. If quick cases have not been configured for the selected population, the Quick Case menu list is not shown on the case form.

In addition to the settings that are described here, you can configure fields for quick cases.

  1. Log in as CMsetup administrator.
  2. Select Administration > Case Management Admin.
  3. Click Quick Cases.
  4. Click Add Quick Case or select a quick case to edit.
  5. Specify this information:
    The population to which the quick case applies.
    The name of the quick case.
    The description of the quick case for internal reference.
    Specify the template class. When templates are classified, agents can more easily identify the preferred template when creating a quick case.
    The item’s order in the quick case drop-down list.
    Select From
    Specify any self-service module and the service user case form from which users can select the quick case. If none of these is set to Yes, then the quick case is not available.
  6. Click Standard Fields.
  7. Specify this information:
    The topic with which the case is associated. Topics help determine case routing.
    You can make the case visible only to members of the service group to which the case is assigned. An unsecured case is visible by any service center user that serves the employee's population.
    The category with which the case is associated. Categories help determine case routing.
    SLA Hour(s)
    Specify the number of business day hours between the time a case is created and the time it is due. This value,includes the created date. For example, 16 hours translates to two eight-hour days.
    The subcategory with which the case is associated. Subcategories help determine case routing.
    The subject with which the case is associated.
    Describe the case.
    Select a value that indicates the urgency of the quick case.
    Case Notes
    Add notes to the case if necessary.
    Make Resolution
    Specify if this case can be submitted as a resolution.
  8. Click Custom Fields.
  9. Specify this information:
    Hire Date
    The date the employee was hired.
    Class A
    Class B
    Best Time To Contact
    The best time to contact the employee.
    Best Contact #
    The best phone number for the employee.
    Alternate Email
    The employee's alternate email address.
  10. Click Add or Update.