Configuring a standard dashboard layout

You can standardize the layout for each of the three dashboards. When you standardize the layout for a dashboard, users can use the standardized dashboard configuration or they can personalize their individual dashboards. When you update a dashboard, you must instruct service users to reset their dashboards. If they don’t reset their dashboards, then the previous dashboard settings remain unchanged. If you prefer that service users use the standard layout, then you must instruct them to refrain from personalizing the dashboard.

You can hide charts or make them visible to users. You can set the order of each chart in the menu from which the users selects charts to view.

  1. Log in as CMsetup administrator.
  2. Select Administration > Case Management Admin.
  3. Click Dashboard Layouts.
  4. Select a dashboard.
  5. To show or hide a report, double-click the report that you want to show or hide.
  6. In the Display column, click the arrow that corresponds to the report that you want to show or hide.
  7. Select Yes to show the report and No to hide the report.
  8. Click Update.
  9. To change the position of a report on the dashboard, double-click a report.
  10. In the Order column, click the number that corresponds to the report.
  11. Click Update.