CMSetup administrators uses lists to configure feature details throughout the application, some of which involve messaging for locales:
  • Chat channel messaging for a variety of situations
  • Closed case substatus types
  • Contact relationships
  • Email channel messaging
  • Open case substatus types
  • Priority levels
  • Case resolution templates
  • Standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • Case sources

CMSetup administrators can configure the values in several drop-down menus in the Case form. You can add items to most non-system lists. The exception is Chat Channel, in which case you can only configure the available lists.

For each population that uses a language other than English, you must provide appropriate language translations. The best practice is to set the code as an English word then use that same code for each translated name value with a different locale. You can see examples of this in the pre-populated contact relationships, priority levels and sources lists.