Exporting user data

HR administrators can export personal data that is associated with a specific user for the benefit of the user. The data flat file is compressed, pgp-encrypted, and placed in the client's SFTP directory for client pickup. HR administrators specify one or more exports by application: There is an export for Knowledgebase, one for Case Management, one for Onboarding 4.8.2 and later, and one for Offboarding.

The Case Management data that is exported includes ticket details that are associated with a specific user, including attachments.

The Onboarding data that is exported is based on the data in the New Hire report. This feature is available for customers using version 4.8.2 and later. Customers using previous versions are addressed on a per client request by the maintenance team.

The Offboarding data that is exported is based on the data in the Exit report.

  1. Select Administration > Knowledgebase Admin.
  2. Click Users.
  3. Select a user
  4. Click the ellipses and select Export.
  5. Select the applications from which data is exported and click OK.