Use cases and examples for system formatted emails

Any system or input form that can send an email notification with defined parameters to a configured mailbox can use the case creation email channel to auto-create new cases using variables to pass information from the email to the new case. The client-side mail system must format the emails to pass the available variables. This is accomplished by configuring the mailbox to generate outgoing mail that follows the format shown in these examples.

The variables output must be contained in square brackets, as shown in the examples. If a variable is not used, you must include the square brackets with no variable.

Example A

For a payroll case to be created for an employee with User ID 543457, the email is formatted as follows:

line 1=[543457]
line4= blank line not used

Example B

For an employee relations case to be created for an employee with User ID 543457 regarding another employee with User ID 874112, the email is formatted as follows:

Note: The Show Case To Employee setting is applicable only to the employee identified in line 1.
line 1=[543457] 
line2=[Employee Relations] 
line4= [874112]