Configuring a survey

The survey form is used to solicit feedback from employees. An employee can submit a survey when the case is closed. A survey is unavailable for a case if any of these conditions is met: the survey is disabled, the case is archived, the reopen period has expired.

The survey form includes these instruments:

  • Response Option
  • Survey Question
  • Comment Box (Optional)
  • Consent Agreement text (Optional)

We recommend that you enable these in conjunction with the survey:

  • Case Closed with Survey notification
  • Survey Reminder notification
  • Automated Survey Reminders Task
  1. Log in as CMsetup administrator.
  2. Select Administration > Case Management Admin.
  3. Click Populations.
  4. Select a population.
  5. Click Configure Survey.
  6. Specify this information:
    Enable Survey
    Enable or disable the survey. Set to Yes to offer the survey to employees, managers, or field representatives through their respective self-service modules. Specify the frequency with which the survey is offered. 0 days means that the survey is offered for every closed case.
    Response Option Configuration
    Specify the definitions and point value for each of the response options. Point values = 1-5.
    Survey Question Configuration
    Specify each survey question. Users are required to respond to each survey question.
    Comment Box Text
    You can include a field in which employees can type comments. Specify comment box text that you want to be displayed on the survey form above the box. If no text is specified, the comments box is not displayed on the survey.
    Indicate if comments are required or optional.
    Consent Agreement Text
    You can include a check box that employees use to indicate that they consent to or decline consent to the agreement that you specify. Specify consent agreement text that you want to be displayed on the survey form above the box. This text is read-only.
    Indicate if the consent agreement is required or optional.
  7. Click Update.