Configuring chat settings

When chat is enabled, self-service employees who are submitting new cases for themselves can interact with agents in a chat format. Chat can be implemented for any combination of self-service modules. You can configure a chat notification sound . You can also set the maximum time that an employee who is requesting a chat can wait for an agent to accept the request before the session times out.

Chat Wrap-Up Timer: Organizations that have enabled the chat feature can set a period of time during which agents who finish a chat session can place their chat availability on hold temporarily. This feature is useful for agents who want to remain unavailable to accept additional chats while they complete their work on cases.
  • A wrap-up time limit can be set for the application. This limit applies to each chat session and with each agent.
  • Agents can add wrap-up time to their individual chats above the number of minutes that is set at the application level.
  • Wrap-up time added to concurrent chats is not concurrent. For example, an agent who adds 5minutes to each of three chats, the agent is unavailable for 15 minutes.
  • If an agent is ready to accept new chats before the wrap-up timer expires, then the agent can advance the timer to 0 and immediately become available.
  1. Log in as CMsetup administrator.
  2. Select Administration > Case Management Admin.
  3. Click Application Settings.
  4. In the Chat Settings area, specify this information:
    Chat Channel
    If service groups and members have been configured for Chat, set to On.
    Ad Hoc (Ask HR Module)
    Set to On to enable users to initiate chats from the Ask HR module. The Chat Channel setting must be set to On. If ad hoc chat is enabled, then remove language that specifies the case’s relation to time from configurable chat channel messaging. For example, “case was created.”
    This sound alerts agents when a new chat request arrives. The sound is made in another circumstance: when an agent is engaged in chat sessions with multiple employees, all but one window is hidden by the top-most window. When an employee in a chat in any hidden window sends a message to the agent, the sound is triggered. When the employee in the top-most window sends a message, there is no sound. Individual agents can choose sounds or disable chat sounds.
    Chat Timeout (Sec)
    The number of seconds that an employee requesting chat can wait for an agent to accept the request before the session times out. The minimum is 10 seconds.
    Wrap Up Timer
    Specify On to activate the feature.
    Default Time
    Specify the wrap up time that starts when a case is closed. This setting applies to all service center users.
    Maximum Time
    Specify the maximum time that a service center user can add to the default wrap up time any time a case is closed.
  5. Click Update.