Configuring additional settings

  1. Log in as CMsetup administrator.
  2. Access Case Management from the navigation menu.
  3. Select Administration > Case Management Admin.
  4. Click Application Settings.
  5. In the Additional Settings area, specify this information:
    Last 4 of SSN
    If the directory is configured so that it can be searched by SSN or if SSN is configured to show in the case form header, you can set this to display only the last four digits of an employee's SSN in the employee directory and in the case form header.
    Allow Case Cloning
    Set to Yes to enable case cloning functionality.
    Display Population
    Specify Yes to show the Population column in the queues and most standard reports. Set the value to No to hide the column. If the column is hidden, the data can still be filtered by population..
    Display Secured Regarding
    This setting pertains to the Regarding Cases Report. Specify Yes to show Regarding cases that a service center user is not authorized to access.
    Mail Account
    Multi-Population Option
    If your organization uses multiple populations, then specify the method by which the population of new cases is determined. This prioritization is used when an employee is a member of multiple populations.
    Table 1. Multi-Population Option Characteristics
    Highest Rank Topic Driven
    New Self-Service Case The default population, quick cases, and topics are determined by the highest ranking population to which the employee belongs. The default population that is assigned to the case is determined by the topic that is assigned to the case.
    New Service Center Case The highest ranking population that both the employee and the service center user belong is used. The highest ranking population that both the employee and the service center user belong is used initially. All topics and quick case options that are associated with all of the employee's populations are available. The topic that is selected determines the population. So it doesn't matter if the service user who creates the case serves the employee's population.
  6. Click Update.