Use cases for user mapping for case creation

Some use cases might require user mapping configuration. When you use the From Email Address, the To Email Address and the user ID in combination, you can meet the needs of your special use cases, such as users with multiple user accounts that share a single email address. This feature is useufl only to customers that require special handling.

The use cases that are shown here illustrate ways in which the task can be leveraged. The result of both examples is that the Process Email task checks for user mapping which will determine the user for whom the case is created and preventing the Sender Mismatch error.

Multiple Unblocked Users With the Same Email Address User Mapping Configuration

A client needs to create cases for generic applicants, TRMBrassring and NA_TRMBrassring, from inbound emails that come from their talent acquisition system,

The client sets one To Email Address = paired with the 'UserID' = NA_TRMBrassring and another To Email Address = paired with the User ID = TRMBrassring. The client could optionally specify the From Email Address = or leave that blank. (For this use case, it is unnecessary.)

The client has employees that have multiple accounts in the system that all share the same email address.  For example, Mister Important has one account that is specifically configured for use when performing Onboarding tasks (UserID=MI123_OB). This account differs from the account he uses when he logs into Total Rewards (UserID=MI123_TR). In addition to these accounts, he uses another account for Case Management tasks (UserID=MI123_CM). Because he must receive notifications pertinent to all applications, his email address must be the same for all three accounts.

The client sets one To Email Address = the mailbox that has been configured for CM case creation paired with the UserID = MI123_CM and the From Email Address =