Configuring properties for each notification

You can enable each notification and configure the Subject and Body of the message. Examples are pre-populated for newly deployed client sites. Existing values are migrated for existing client sites receiving an upgrade.

You can add tokens, which are variables that represent values that exist in the case at a given point in time. See About tokens.

You can style the text in the message with typefaces, type sizes, colors and treatments.

  1. Log in as CMsetup administrator.
  2. Select Administration > Case Management Admin.
  3. Click Populations.
  4. Select a population.
  5. Click Configure Notifications.
  6. Select a notification.
  7. Click Notifications.
  8. Specify this information. Note that some fields are not available for all notifications.
    Type the name of the notification. This name is shown in various places in the application.
    Type the text that is shown in Subject field of the notification.
    Type the text that is shown in the body of the notification.
    Set to Yes to make this notification available.
    Set to Yes to log this notification to the email history..
    Applies To
    Set to Yes to apply this notification to the tier that is indicated. For example, you may want to withhold the Case Submitted notification, which is sent to the service group when a case is submitted, from Tier-1 service groups because they use the system on a regular basis and don't need to be notified when each case is created. You may want to specify that agents in higher tiers, who may not be working in the system as frequently, receive notifications that are submitted to their tier levels.
  9. Click Update.