Adding and configuring SOPs

In this application, a standard operating procedure (SOP) is a link to a web site or web page where the user can review a relevant SOP. A SOP can be associated with a topic, category or subcategory. When a SOP is associated with a topic, category or subcategory, a button is displayed next to the item in the case form. A service center user who is creating the case form or viewing it later can click the button to access the SOP in a new window.

To configure a SOP, you add the SOP to the system and then associate it with a topic, category or subcategory. This topic describes the process by which a SOP is added to the system. For information about associating an SOP with a topic, category or subcategory, seeAdding and configuring topics, Adding and configuring categories and Adding and configuring subcategories.

When you add a SOP to the system, you specify the name and the URL where the SOP information is available. You can hide a SOP without having to delete it from the system.

  1. Login as CM setup administrator.
  2. Select Administration > Case Management Admin.
  3. Click Configurable Lists.
  4. Click SOPs.
  5. To configure a SOP, click the SOPl and modify the information in the fields.
  6. To add a SOP, click Add SOP and specify this information:
    The value that is displayed in the menu list in the forms that are used to add SOPs to topics, categories and subcategories.
    The URL of the page.
    Set the visibility of the value in the menu. Select No to show the value or Yes to hide the value.
  7. Click Add or Update.