Setting-up a property

  1. Select Menu > Properties.
    If you are a new user and this is the first property that you are managing, the Properties screen is automatically displayed.
  2. Click the step 0/5 Edit icon
  3. Click Start.
  4. Specify this information in step 1:
    Property Name
    The name of the property.
    PMS Code
    The code of the PMS for the property.
    The address of the property.
    The city where the property is located.
    The country where the property is located.
    The currency that is used by the property.
    Property Type
    Select one of these options:
    • Hotel
    • Apartment
    • Economy
    • Resort
    • Lodge
    • Budget
    Star Rating
    The number of stars of the property.
  5. Click Save and Next.
  6. Specify this information in step 2:
    Optimization Horizon
    This is the number of days where you can manage your strategy in Infor HPO. It is normally 365 days.
    Number of Guests
    The reference number of guests used for price decision. You can select single or double occupancy.
    This parameter can be managed only by Infor after validation, because it requires a full restart of the optimization models. When retrieving market data for your property, this parameter is used to insure that competitor rates and optimized rates are comparable.
    Price Step
    The typical difference between price levels. This is used in the stepper whenever you are adjusting your prices.
  7. Click Save and Next.
    This enables additional screens for the property.
  8. Assign the property to your colleagues in step 3.
    All users that have an account in Ming.le are displayed. Select the check-boxes next to the users that you want to assign.
    You can click the check box that is located on the table header to assign all users.
  9. Click Save and Next.
  10. Select the PMS in step 4. You can select one of these options:
    • HMS
    • Opera Cloud/Hosted
    • Opera On-prem
    • protel.I/O
    • FOLS
    • Other
  11. Click Save and Next.
  12. Specify the IT email in step 5.
    Infor consultant will use it to contact the IT person to establish the PMS connection.
  13. Click Submit.
    The property setup is completed.
  14. Click Continue.

    After the first extract from the PMS has been loaded, your property configuration is loaded and you can complete your setup.

    These elements must be defined or reviewed before enabling the optimization:

    • Rate Codes, to indicate which rate code is the BAR rate in the PMS, which ones are BAR derived, whether they are used for upload, and the average discount percentage observed.
    • Rate Categories, to validate which ones are valid and used for upload if length of stay restrictions are enabled.
    • Competitors and the preferred channel.
    • Room types, to validate the mapping to room category, the reference room type, and the price differentials for each room.
    • Define the floor and ceiling for each room category.