Editing a rate category

  1. Click Menu > Settings > Rate Categories.
  2. Select a property using the Property selection menu.
    You can specify a text in the search field to search for a specific property or you can search using the PMS code.
  3. Find the rate category to edit, then click its Edit icon.
    Note: If you are connected using a simple user profile (IPD-User), you cannot edit a rate category.
    To search for a rate category:
    1. Choose a column then specify the text or value in the Search field.
    2. Click the Filter icon.
    3. Select a search criterion from the list.
  4. Specify this information:
    Rate Category Description
    Specify a description of the rate category.
    Specify the importance of the rate category in terms of prices and LOS (Length Of Stay) optimization.
    Is Active
    Select this check box if the rate category is active.
    Note: This flag cannot be disabled if the property has restrictions enabled in the upload and the rate category is included in the upload.
  5. Click Save.
    Save is disabled if a required field is empty or if an error message is displayed.