Adjusting a competitor

  1. Click Menu > Settings > Competitors.
  2. Select a property using the Property selection menu.
    You can specify a text in the search field to search for a specific property or you can search using the PMS code.
  3. Find the card for the selected competitor that you want to adjust. You can use the search filed to look for a specific card.
    Note: You cannot adjust the details of a competitor on a deselected card.
  4. Specify this information:
    Competitor Short Name
    Specify a short name for the competitor. It must be between one and five characters. This field is required.
    Note: You cannot edit the competitor name.
    Property Type
    select the property type of the competitor.
    Star Rating
    Select how many stars the competitor have.
    Favorite Competitor
    Click the Star icon to add the competitor as a favorite. The competitor will be added by default to the graphical representation of competitors on other screens.
  5. Click Submit.