You can use the Properties screen to view or setup properties that you have access to.

Navigate to Settings > General > Properties.

For each property, these details are displayed:
  • Edit icon: To edit the property details.
    Note: If you are connected using a simple user profile (IPD-User), you cannot edit a property.

    If a step number is displayed next to the edit icon that means that the property is not fully set up. Once you click it, the setup wizard is displayed.

  • PMS Code: The Property Management System code of the property.
  • Property Name: The name of the property.
  • Country: The country where the property is located.
  • Currency: The official unit of currency for the location of the property.
  • Star Rating: The number of stars that the property has.
  • Optimization Horizon: The optimization horizon for the property in number of days.
Within each column of the table header, are these elements:
  • Search field: Specify the text or value to look for.
  • Filter icon: Click to select the filter criterion to use.
    • In text columns, these are the displayed criteria:
      • Contains
      • Does Not Contain
      • Equals
      • Does Not Equal
      • Is Empty
      • Is Not Empty
      • Ends With
      • Does Not End With
      • Starts With
      • Does Not Start With
    • In date or number columns, these are the displayed criteria:
      • Equals
      • Does Not Equal
      • Is Empty
      • Is Not Empty
      • Less Than
      • Less Than Or Equals
      • Greater Than
      • Greater Than Or Equals
Note: On the upper right side of the Properties screen, click Reset to remove any filter that you applied on the table.