Posting Codes

Use this screen to review and adjust the revenue category mapping.

Navigate to Settings > Property > Posting Codes.

On the upper right corner of the Posting codes screen, there are these icons:

  • Edit: To edit a selected posting code.
  • Import configuration: To import the configuration of the posting codes from a different property belonging to the user.
  • More: To reset and personalize columns.
Note: If you do not have Edit Posting Codes permission, the edit and import icons are not displayed.
For each property selected on the upper right corner, these details are displayed in the grid:
  • Posting Codes: Indicates the code of posting. The codes are received automatically from PMS.
  • Description: Indicates the short description of what the posting code is used for. It is received automatically from PMS.
  • Macro: Indicates which group the posting code belongs to.
  • Revenue Category: Indicates which category the posting code belongs to. There are these elements to select from:
    • Room
    • Food and Beverage
    • Other
    • Technical.

When you click on a column header, these actions are available:

Specify the text or value that you look for.
Click this icon to select the criteria:
  • Contains
  • Equals