Editing a property

  1. Click Menu > Settings > Properties.
  2. Select the property that you want to edit, then click the Edit icon.
    To search for a property:
    1. Select a column, then specify the text or value in the Search field.
    2. Click the Filter icon.
    3. Select a search criterion from the list.
  3. Specify this information:
    Property Name
    Specify the name of the property.
    Note: If the property already exists, a message is displayed and the Save is disabled.
    PMS Code
    Specify the PMS code of the property.
    Specify the address of the property.
    Specify the city where the property is located.
    Select the country where the property is located.
    This field shows the local currency for the property that was selected during the property setup.
    Note: This field is read-only. You can select the currency only while doing the property setup.
    Property Type
    Select one of these types:
    • Hotel
    • Apartment
    • Economy
    • Resort
    • Lodge
    • Budget
    Star Rating
    Select how many stars the property has.
  4. Click Save.
    Save is disabled if a required field is empty or if an error message is displayed.