Rate Categories

The Rate Categories screen displays the list of defined rate categories.

Navigate to Settings > Property > Rate Categories.

The rate categories are received from your PMS.

For each rate category, these details are displayed:
  • Edit icon: To edit the rate category details.
    Note: If you are connected using a simple user profile (IPD-User), you cannot edit a rate category.
  • Rate Category: Shows the code of the rate category.
  • Description: Shows the description of the rate category.
  • Display Order: Indicates the importance of the rate category in terms of prices and LOS (Length Of Stay) optimization. In the Multi-Day Decision screen, if restrictions are enabled, the rate categories are displayed based on the defined hierarchy, where the lowest one is displayed first.
  • Dynamic:
    • Yes: The rate code is derived from the BAR.
    • No: The rate code is not derived from the BAR.
  • Created By: Shows who created the rate category.
  • Creation Date: The date on which the rate category was created.
  • Edited By: Shows who last edited the rate category.
  • Last Edit: The date on which the rate category was last edited.
Within each column of the table header, are these elements:
  • Search field: Specify the text or value to look for.
  • Filter icon: Click to select the filter criterion to use.
    • In text columns, these are the displayed criteria:
      • Contains
      • Does Not Contain
      • Equals
      • Does Not Equal
      • Is Empty
      • Is Not Empty
      • Ends With
      • Does Not End With
      • Starts With
      • Does Not Start With
    • In date or number columns, these are the displayed criteria:
      • Equals
      • Does Not Equal
      • Is Empty
      • Is Not Empty
      • Less Than
      • Less Than Or Equals
      • Greater Than
      • Greater Than Or Equals
    • In the Is Active and Use For Upload columns, you can select one of these options:
      • Yes
      • No
Note: On the upper right side of the Rate Categories screen, click Reset to remove any filter that you applied on the table.