Resizing a widget

The size of the widget is limited by the available screen area, which limits the number of columns that are available. On a PC, you can change the screen area by resizing the browser window, but with other devices, the screen area may be fixed. When you adjust the screen area, the widgets are automatically resized to fit content in the smaller or larger area. Therefore, the appearance of a page vary depending on the screen and window sizes of the device in use.

  1. Click Menu > Homepage.
  2. Click the Edit icon.
  3. Move the cursor over the widget that you want to resize. Resizing handles are displayed on the right and bottom edges of the widget.
  4. Click and drag the edge of the widget to make it smaller or larger. Other widgets on the page are repositioned as you make the widget larger. Sometimes, you must move the widget to a different location on the page so that you can change it to the desired size. The available screen area also affects how large the widget can be.
  5. Click Save.