Decision section

The decision section is displayed in the main area of the Multi-Day Decision screen.

For the selected property, each day of the selected day range is displayed in a row.
Note:  The days and details are displayed based on the filters that you applied in the filter area.
For each day, these details can be displayed:
  • Check-box: To select the day.
  • Date/Alert: The date and its corresponding day of week is displayed inside a gauge graph which highlights the opportunity index. See Opportunity index.
  • Automate and Automated buttons: You can manually control days where your pricing strategy does not match the RMS Price.
    Note:  Autopilot is enabled only with the automatic upload functionality. If you do not have the upload permission enabled, the Automate button is disabled.
  • Room Categories: The Room categories of your property.
  • RMS Price: The value of the RMS price is displayed for each room category. The price is displayed in orange and it is displayed in a lighter shade if the RMS price equals the current price.
    Note: If the automatic upload is enabled and the RMS price could not be uploaded in the latest automatic upload because rules prevented it (difference too small), the price is displayed in italic font to indicate this circumstance.
  • Current Price: The current price is displayed inside the Price Stepper. You can use this component to adjust your price.
  • Rate categories: Is displayed if LOS is enabled in the upload.

    A maximum of 4 rate categories are displayed for each room category. If the property has more rate categories enabled for the upload, a Plus sign is displayed on the right. Click Plus to display the rest of rate categories.

    Click the LOS Input for each rate category to change its restriction. You can do this for each room category. Under each LOS Input, the RMS recommended restriction is displayed in orange. The recommendation corresponds to the RMS decision for the price in the input field.
    Note: The RMS recommendation is displayed only if it is different than the value in the LOS Input. In case the price that you specified in the Price Stepper is outside the optimized range and no LOS decision is available, no information is displayed.

    When you change the price, the set of RMS recommended restrictions may dynamically change.

  • Simulation: The simulation part includes these details:
    • Graphical representations: It is a contained donut with 3 donuts displayed in these colors.
      • Green: OTB reflecting the current OTB level.
        Note: If the OTB exceeds the capacity of the property, the OTB is displayed as a full circle.
      • Orange: The optimal forecast; the forecast corresponding to the RMS Price.

      • Blue: The simulated forecast; the figure corresponding to the price in the input field. If the price simulated is outside the optimized range, the blue circle is not displayed.

        Note: The full circle is based on the total yieldable capacity for the day. If the yieldable capacity is 0, the donuts do not display any details as there is no max.
    • KPIs information: On the right side of the graphical representation of the simulation, a legend with these elements is displayed:
      • OTB: Indicates the number of reserved rooms On-The-Books.
      • RMS Occupancy: Reflects the forecasted occupied rooms corresponding to the RMS price.
      • Occupancy: Indicates the simulated forecast in number of rooms; the figure corresponding to the price in the input field.
      • RevPAR Forecast: Indicates the forecasted RevPAR based on the price in the input field.
      Note: Next to each KPI element, the value corresponding to each of them is displayed inside a bubble. The color of the bubble corresponds to the color used in the simulation donut. The RevPAR have a blue border with fonts in blue.

      The Occupancy and RevPAR KPIs also show the variation to the optimal level. This shows the simulated impact on the KPI between your selected pricing decision and the RMS recommended pricing decision.

      A small arrow is displayed next to the variations of each KPI. Green upwards arrow if the variance is positive, red downwards arrow if negative and no arrow if the variation is null.

      If the current price falls outside the optimized price range for any of the room categories, no simulation information is displayed. The simulation donuts and legend will show the OTB and optimal information only.

  • Decision Insights: This part displays current KPI values compared to their typical range same as in the Decision screen. See Decision Insights widget.

If you specify a price or restriction other than the current price for any date, its corresponding row displays a yellow bookmark.