Opportunity index

The revenue opportunity is used to classify which dates have the highest opportunity. Usually, the more rooms remaining for sale, the higher the opportunity. The days with a high number of inventory available for sale are usually further out in the future and generally outside of the usual booking window.

The opportunity index is a figure between 0 and 100 which assists in classifying dates for revenue managers where their review is required. It accounts not only for the revenue opportunity, but also the lead time, booking window etc.

The opportunity index figure is a three quarter donut that represent 0 to 100 to indicated the index for each day. They are colored depending on the index value. These are the meanings of the colors:

  • Green: If the index value is 50 or under.
  • Yellow: If the index value is above 50, but under or equal to 75.
  • Red: If the index value is above 75.
  • Gray: The remain part between the index and 100.
    Note: If the Opportunity Index is not available for a date, the donut will be grayed out.