Decision screen

In the Decision screen, you can identify dates of interest where the strategy should be reviewed. You can do this across all room categories in one screen for the selected property.

Using this screen, you can manage the pricing and availability of a property for each day in the optimization horizon.

The Decision screen contains these widgets:

  • Calendar: Highlights and identifies dates of interest and best opportunities. Best Opportunities is also a widget with the same purpose as the calendar, to help identify days. It provides a list view with the days arranged by the absolute value of the alert, descending.
  • Summary: Provides a global overview about the selected date, 3 days before and 3 days after.
  • Decision: Where you can adjust your strategy per room category and check the impact on your room types.
  • Market Insights: Provides an overview of the competitors prices and where you can adjust the competitors rates.
  • Decision Insights: Shows why Infor HPO is recommending the displayed rates.
  • Simulation: Simulates the impact of the changes you make to your strategy.
  • Historical Price Variation: Shows movements of the rates for the selected property.
Note: The Days To Arrival KPI is displayed in the Simulation and Decision Insights widgets. It indicates the difference between the selected date and the date of last received extract.

After specifying your pricing strategy for the selected date, you can upload it.

Note: Autopilot is enabled only with the automatic upload functionality. When enabled, you can manually control days where your pricing strategy does not match the RMS Price.