Simulation graph

The Simulation graph displays an analysis about the expected occupancy.

It contains these charts:
  • A red line chart for Capacity.
  • A blue line chart for Occupancy Forecast.
    Note: If you specify a price out of the optimized price range, this blue line chart is not displayed.
  • A green line chart for On-The-Books.
The Simulation graph has these two axes:
  • Horizontal axis: For milestones.
    Note: D-0 is the date that you selected. The selected date is highlighted in blue on the Summary widget.
  • Vertical Axis: For the constrained forecast.
When hovering the mouse over a date in the Simulation graph, a tool tip is displayed with this information:
  • Milestone
  • Capacity
  • Forecast: Within the blue line.
  • On-The-Books: Within the green line.